• Do you recall at what time in your life that you became a believer in Jesus Christ? Were there any specific circumstances that you’d like to share that you feel were related to the time/place of your conversion?
  • You are a single woman who has recently had to work multiple jobs simultaneously to make ends meet. What are some of the challenges for you and how does your faith help day to day?
  • What do you have to say about the so-called “American Dream”, that is that everyone should own a home with a picket fence and such? Does God share this same sentiment? Do you have any insight into this?
  • From my perspective, you’ve been growing very quickly over the past few years. How would you explain that, and what advice would you give friends & family on the topic of spiritual growth?
  • What advice would you give young women nowadays? Are there any particular faith issues that you’d like to impress upon the younger generations?


  • What are the circumstances around your own salvation? Do you have an idea regarding when/where/how you were saved, given the fact that it can take some people years after hearing the Gospel for the first time?
  • You are a happily married man. As every married person will attest, marriage is work. Why do you think marriage is work and how does your faith overcome it? What advice would you give others considering marriage (before they take the leap of faith)?
  • You are known by many around these parts as “Coach”. I call you that, too, because you exude the coaching mentality. You spent a good portion of your earlier life as a professional coach. Why coaching? Are there any parallels to the spiritual life?
  • As a 69 year old man, how do you maintain perspective and energy. I mean, so many people over 60 years old seem to poop out and slowly fade to black. But not you. What’s your attitude about life like? How would you describe how it might be different from your peers?
  • Finally, what advice would you give young men in this world?


  • How would you describe your conversion, as a believer, in terms of timing, conviction, religious background, stumbling blocks, etc.? How has your faith grown since being saved?
  • You are a happily married woman with 5 children. By today’s American standards, that’s a big family. :) What’s it like juggling all of this and still managing to keep your head above water? How does your faith help?
  • You have struggled with certain illnesses in the past. What encouragement might you have for those in similar circumstances? How has studying the Word of God helped?
  • You also work outside of the home, with a publicly facing job. Customer service can be trying at times - how do you cope with unpleasant people that you must work with? Have you found your tolerance has increased since studying the Word?
  • From your perspective, what final advice would you give young ladies in this world?


  • You’ve had quite a life, Alice - is that fair to say? You had a lot of time living before you became a disciple of Jesus Christ. What’s that been like for you?
  • You have been divorced in the past. Do you have any advice for women who might be considering marriage? Are there any specific things you might say to young women, in general?
  • What’s it been like to have your son as your pastor? Jesus said, “A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and among his own relatives and his own household.” Are there challenges to being your pastor’s mother?
  • You have four children. What’s the best advice you can give new parents? How might your advice today be different than it was, say 25 years ago?
  • You’ve always said that you were “searching” your whole life, filling a “void” that only God can fill. What wisdom might you share with others still searching?


  • Can you describe the process of your conversion? Did it take a while because of certain reasons or did you grab hold of the Gospel the first time you heard it?
  • You are an accomplished musician, classically trained at Berkley School of Music. You are also a former touring "rock star", having opened up for the likes of Snoop-Dog and other famous acts. How would you describe all of that, looking back?
  • You have been married for 3.5 years now to a lovely, God-fearing woman. You also have a 1 year old little boy. How has your relationship with the Lord affected your marriage/fatherhood? Any advice for viewers on either topic?
  • You live up in the Boston area, and it takes you an hour to drive to church. Why not find a church closer to home? Do you think that you are a type of "missionary" and your mission field happens to be an hour away?
  • You are still relatively young (31 yrs old). If you have any advice for people in your generation, what would it be? What has been a great "aha!" moment regarding your spiritual walk that might benefit your peers?


  • Describe your conversion and salvation. Do you remember the details and who was involved besides God? How does this effect your own personal evangelizing today?
  • You are married to a lovely woman of God. How thankful are you to God for preparing a life with her in it? How might you encourage others regarding the prospect of marriage?
  • You are a successful salesman in the high tech industry. What are some of the challenges you face daily, going to work, encountering opposition to Christ, even?
  • You had a difficult childhood, including abuse. How do you think God has used the events of your childhood to both save and sanctify you? Do you have any encouragement for other abuse survivors?
  • Over the past few years, how has God changed you?


  • When were you saved and how did it happen?
  • How would you say your childhood effects your relationship with Jesus, even today?
  • You suffer from chronic illness. How does this affect your everyday outlook on life? And how does the Word of God help you overcome such things?
  • You’ve been divorced. Do you have any advice on marriage for younger people?
  • You have an encouraging husband. How does that help with your relationship with Christ?


  • You were brought up in the faith from birth. How do you think that is different that many people nowadays who were saved much later in life? Are there any advantages and/or disadvantages? How might God use you differently?
  • You’ve been the head deacon over this ministry since it first began. What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned, specifically as a deacon?
  • What advice/counsel would you give a man who is considering deaconship? What about ministry leadership in general? Are there specific challenges they ought to be aware of?
  • You are my brother-in-law and have been since long before I was called out to a pulpit. What’s it like being family and “spiritual family”? How have things changed over the years?
  • You have been married to your high-school sweetheart for almost 30 years now. What advice would you give those couples pondering marriage? What are the keys to success?
  • Do you have any general advice for young men/women out there?


  • You are a freshman in high school now. What’s it like to be a true believer in the midst of others who seem lost?
  • Do you, at times, find it difficult to have meaningful conversations with your peers? If “yes”, how so? How do you befriend people your own age? Is it challenging?
  • What’s the social scene like nowadays and how does someone with your beliefs manage it?
  • God gave you a high IQ, which means you find yourself tracked in school with others of similar abilities. Do you think there’s a relationship between IQ and antagonism to Christ?
  • What’s it like having a father as a pastor, as YOUR pastor? What kinds of sacrifices to do see the family making?…how about you, personally?
  • What advice do you have for teenagers today?


  • As a 41 year old, successful single woman, what would you say are the greatest challenges in your life? Have those challenges changed over the years? If yes, how?
  • You have been divorced. Is there any guidance that you might share with women, in general, in retrospect?
  • You are a wonderful addition to the North Christian Church leadership team, holding multiple posts: member of board of directors, church secretary, preparatory school leader and teacher, events coordinator, etc. How have these responsibilities help mature you over the years? Do you find that, in retrospect, God has been using the various pressures in these roles to grow you? How might that be?
  • You had a somewhat tumultuous childhood. How did that affect you as a child and as an adult, even (e.g.: self-esteem, etc.)? What are the blessings you associate with it?
  • What say you of feminism, being a woman in today’s society? What advice would you give you women on the subject?
  • What guidance do you have for young girls and women, even?


  • What’s it like to leave the U.S. with the mission to save souls? How did you know it was your calling? How did those trips impact the residents and you?
  • You’ve had an interesting life, being single until 40 years old, married, and now divorced. This gives you quite a perspective on being single, before and after marriage. Did being married/divorced change your perspective about life, the Christian walk, priorities, patience, etc.?
  • What are the top things you believe hinder one’s spiritual walk? What advice would you give to those plagued by such things?
  • If you had any advice for children out there, what would it be?

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