Review is an exhibition of God’s patience with us.

Divine Patience
Mere humanity cannot even understand the depths of God’s patience due to the fact that mankind is unable to understand all the ways that God withholds warranted discipline.

Divine Patience
In theology, we classify this as an anthropopathism, which is when we ascribe a human passion/emotion to deity. If the concept of patience implies time, then patience to a god that isn’t bound by time is something foreign to man, who is bound by time.

The Pauline Epistles
The context of Paul’s letters was typically in response to something unique in one of the churches. Very often, he was dispelling false doctrines that had marred the Gospel. He was often forced to argue complexities as a result of the insidiousness of the perversions he faced.

Our Encouragement
We ought never be discouraged by the fact that some parts of the Bible are difficult to understand. There are multiple reasons why this is so, including context and God’s infinite nature. Faith is what God gives us to bridge such chasms.

“carried away”
from sunapago - means to suffer oneself to be carried away together with (something that carries away); to experience with others the force of that which carries away; in context, refers to fleshly power

God’s glory is seen through His grace.
(Ex 33:18-19; Jn 1:14; 2Co 4:15; Eph 1:2-6)

“Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth.” Jn 17:17

Experiencing Our Position
In a sense, we have to “catch up” to all that God’s done in us at salvation.

Doubting God’s Grace
Don't doubt God's grace, ever. That's a dangling lie from the tempter himself. (e.g., Gen 3:1)

We’re in a battle for the souls of men! -SG