The Transcendent Word
The Word of God is timeless and boundless. We, of particular circumstances, are able to relate to others regardless of when or where they live/lived. The Word unifies our hearts with our Lord's and others.

Transport Yourselves
As I teach these lessons, imagine yourselves being in one of the seats in India. Make yourself "present" and consider how each lesson was received by grace through faith. Consider the fellowship you would experience.

All Authority
This means that any man who exercises authority/oversight over a congregation of sheep has been delegated that authority from the Great Shepherd, Himself, Jesus Christ. This also means that any exercise of authority must be consistent with the will of Jesus.

Jesus Christ Is the Word
The Holy Bible is the very mind of Christ, the Word of God, the Son Himself (Jn 1:14). We must treat the Word as we would treat Jesus Christ in the flesh, as the ultimate authority in our lives. Pastors derive all leadership authority from the Word.

Self-Appointed “Pastors”
These aren’t actually real pastors, only counterfeits. We do not assign spiritual gifts to ourselves; rather, we are appointed by God (1Co 12:4-11).

The Key To Shepherding
The key to becoming a pastor is simple. God chooses you. If He chooses you, He appoints you. If He appoints you, He provides you with all the necessary abilities, by grace, to perform your duties as unto the Lord. These duties will reflect the heart of Christ towards His own sheep.

All Pastors Are Servants of the Word
In order to serve honorably under the Great Shepherd, an undershepherd must serve the Word - he must both submit to its authority and teach from that authority, as the bedrock of his ministry. Above all, pastors must be humble servants.

So, You Think You’re a Pastor?
The greatest way to lead is to first learn how to follow. In fact, our great example, Jesus Christ, was subservient to His Father’s plan. If you think you may have the spiritual gift of pastor-teacher, then submit yourself to the Word. Commit yourself with the same fervency of those who have preceded you, starting with Jesus.

A Shepherd’s Love
From a sheep’s perspective, the pastor must be, above all, loving. He must exhibit the same love that Christ did and the same love that Christ instructed Peter to have for His sheep.

A Shepherd’s Love
To love Jesus is to love His sheep.

A Shepherd’s Love
From a sheep’s perspective, the pastor must be, above all, loving. He must exhibit the same love that Christ did and the same love that Christ instructed Peter to have for His sheep.

A Shepherd’s Love
The greatest example a pastor can ever give is to be loving. His love must be unconditional the way Jesus’ was. A pastor’s love must be an abiding love.

A Shepherd’s Love
If love is the motivation, then keeping His commandments is the manifestation. A pastor’s greatest example is in keeping the law of God - that is to say that through love, a pastor abides in His commands, including the ones specifically meant for pastors alone.

A Shepherd’s Calling
A pastor must be prepared to live an abnormal life. His life is particularly spent on caring for his sheep, just as an earthly shepherd spends an inordinate amount of time doing the same. The Lord blesses His anointed undershepherds with heart for the spiritual welfare of others.

“not a new convert”
One of the great errors in the churches is the premature promotion of men to the office of pastor. This is a grave mistake as godly constitution must be wrought in a person over a significant period of time.

A Good Reputation – 1Ti 3:7
Without a good reputation “outside the church” (with unbelievers), a person gives Satan, the “accuser”, substance to his accusations. A pastor’s life must be consistent with his profession, lest he be the subject of scorn, ridicule, and contempt.

“the love of money”
A pastor must show his congregation that money is not the issue in ministry; and that money ought never be anyone's motivation, even if they are working for food, to become a pastor.

The Pastor’s Example
A pastor must remember at all times that the sheep are commanded to submit to his authority and even imitate his faith! He must never take his commission lightly, for if he does, he may be the cause for stumbling in others.

The Pastor’s Example
The greatest example a pastor can ever hope to be is as a servant of Christ, possessing Christ’s heart for others, and His love for His sheep.